The Royal Tae Kwon Do Academy - North

Self Defense Seminar Tips

Presented by Royal Tae Kwon Do at the George Leach Centre

Discipline - Respect - Confidence - Patience - Honour

Royal Tae Kwon Do is under the leadership of Grand Master Son Myung Soo, 9th degree Black Belt.

Royal Tae Kwon Do North at the GLC is under the leadership of Grand Master Karl Jirgens, 8th degree Black Belt and operated by three 6th degree Black belt Instructors: Master Tom Kulmala, Master Bob
Burns and Master Don Buchan.

Self Defence Awareness and Techniques

Basic Principles:


Attitude and Posture:

Maintain positive mental attitude, regular physical fitness, do not look/act/talk like a victim or easy prey.

Here are some physical signs of weakness or vulnerability:

  1. Eyes looking down at the ground while walking.
  2. Exaggerated strides – too long or too short.
  3. Nervous walking by lifting whole foot at once, not heel-toe.
  4. Upper body cross purpose to lower body, seeming disconnected.
  5. Unnatural arm and leg movements.

Be aware of what creates a dangerous situation around you. Learn to “read” a situation, anticipate and avoid problems, get out of danger zones promptly. Exploit the brief “moment of choice” to escape by keeping distant, moving away or if in conversation, changing topic. Pause and try to defuse the situation by talking, moving or using an unexpected escape route. Don’t allow an attacker to turn you into a victim – “psyching you out” usually happens in the first 1-8 seconds. STAY CALM!

Mental Judo


Physical Resistance:

Physical Attacks:

1. Show Confidence:

2. Avoidance:

3. Counter attack and escape:

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