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Royal Tae Kwon Do is a self-defense system using strikes primarily by hand and foot. Our school in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, is the Northern Ontario division of the Royal Tae Kwon Do Federation.

Applying ancient Eastern philosophy to modern techniques, the Royal Tae Kwon Do system utilizes free-sparring, patterns, breaking, grappling, and escape techniques.


Training is conducted in a friendly atmosphere. Classes are held at the George Leach Centre, 1520 Queen Street East. There are approximately 70 students in the school, with separate sessions for teens/adults and children. Our classes are co-ed with an excellent instructor-to-student ratio.

The Royal Tae Kwon Do Academy Northern Branch school crest
The Royal Tae Kwon Do Academy
School Crest


The school is led by three 6th degree black belt instructors: Master Don Buchan, Master Bob Burns, Master Tom Kulmala and 4th degree black belt, Master Kelly Dawson.

They teach under the auspices of Dr. Karl Jirgens, an 8th degree Black Belt, and he in turn is under the auspices of Grand Master Son Myung Soo, 9th degree Black Belt and President of the Royal Tae Kwon Do Federation, which is based in Toronto, Canada.

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